Cryptainer Review

Cryptainer is a multi purpose safe vault for computer users

Submitted by Bobdanny on Thu, 2009-09-24 16:35.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Considering its wide range of usefulness, it is very cheap, easy to install and it is computer friendly.
Apart from its unattractive interface, Cryptainer is a must for any one desiring real privacy.

Computer overload always scares many computer users from installing softwares anyhow on their computers.But having installed Cryptainer on my own personal computer at home and the one I use regularly at work,I can tell any computer user to try installing Cryptainer on his or her computer for Files and Data hideout out of the reach of any intruder that may want to steal or tamper with their stored Documents for security purposes.

Cryptainer can be said to have completely nocked out Hackers out of business, because of its effectiveness, easy installation for those who have some basic knowledge of encryption and virtual drives.
When you compare its price and what kind of benefits you will get in return for your purchase, I think it is fairly cheap, because no amount of money is too expensive for securing your Files and Data saved on your computer.

Nowadays, by just thinking that your filed documents and Data are safe by just passwording them alone is a kind of deceit when you consider the technological age we are living today.Without encrypting your Files and Documents by using a perfect software like Cryptainer, you be exposing yourself to the hand of Hackers.

We have tested the workability of Cryptainer at the business centre where I work,and I equally tested on my own computer at home,we found it user friendly and very easy to install by simply following the installation manual of of the programme. We have used it to protect our clients documents,files and data, and found it to be very effective when loading and uploading them anytime we need the encrypted documents, files and data of any client that were stored on the hard disk of our computers.


I therefore recommend Cryptainer to any computer user who vaues real protection for his/her documents, files or data saved on his/her computer(s)