Cosmo Bots Review

Good, but for 17.99 I want great,

Submitted by Onizuka on Thu, 2009-10-01 14:18.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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Simple and simplistic gameplay, Good Techno soundtrack
Uninteresting graphics and animations, Price too steep for the material Not much to hook you in during the difficult levels

Cosmo Bots is a nice, simple game for the PC. The kind of game that you’d use to waste time at work or anything along the lines of that, but for $17.99, it’s definitely lacking of material.

Cosmo Bots has a simple premise. You left click to shoot these lines that fill up spaces to either the left or right or above and below them. You right click to decide whether you want these lines to be horizontal or vertical. The goal is to kill a good amount of the enemies (who die when they get caught in the spaces that are filled) and fill up around 85 percent of the level. The lines tend to come down slowly and if any of the enemies come in contact with you while you’re shooting these lines, you die. There are various power-ups that you can pick up, such as Fast Shot and Missiles. These make the game a bit more interesting and help you on a lot of the later more difficult levels.

As far as the general atmosphere of the game, the game has a nice techno soundtrack that matches with its spacey theme. Other than that, there’s not much to the atmosphere of the game. The sound effects are simplistic and repetitive and the graphics look like something you would see on a free Flash or Shockwave game.

It’s fun and addictive at first, but once the game starts getting difficult, there’s really no incentive to even try to see those 500 plus levels that the developer boasts. The graphics aren’t good enough to visually stimulate you throughout the grinding difficulty of some of the harder levels. The music, though good, gets repetitive over time.


If this were a Flash or Shockwave game that you could find on websites such as, I’d recommend you to give it a chance, but as a $17.99 product, I wouldn’t recommend you buy this game.