FantaMorph Review

Many options and many features but many dollars necesary..

Submitted by Onizuka on Fri, 2009-10-02 03:23.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Many options, fun concept an idea
Hard to figure out what many options do, Hard to figure out how to truly utilize the game, too expensive, little lasting value

Honestly, maybe it's me, but it's hard to see how the developers could have possibly stretched a concept that is only amusing for a few minutes into an entire 26 dollar product.However, my view means nothing, because they've done it. Factamorph 4 is full of options and features. There are many different ways to tweak photos...but it's hard to figure out what they are or what they do. Sometimes it seems like it's too many options, because when I look at my results I feel as if I didn't utilize the features well enough. Some of the features are outright useless, such as the background feature. The main focus is on the face, why would you need anything other than a plain background? I understand it's nice to have the option, but why?

This is the main problem with the game for me. Even with so much options and features in this software, it doesn't seem like it's worth such a steep price. There are websites out there such as Morph Thing that offer a similar concept, maybe not with nearly as much options, but it's also not for 26 dollars.


Unless you're an absolute face morphing enthusiast and need tons of options in this area as well as if you are a person willing to pay 26 dollars for this kind of software, I'd suggest you not pick up this program. If you are either the former or the latter, then by all means, buy this product.