Genie Backup Manager Professional Review

Good, but could be more for price.

Submitted by Smitty090 on Mon, 2009-10-05 15:20.
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The lowest price: 62.49$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy, simple to use, several options, scheduled and incremental back ups of commonly used files and folders. Email back up function from several mail programs.
Too Simple. Most functions could be done for free with built windows or other free compression programs. No option to make an image of your disk drive incase of computer crash or virus corrupts programs.

I found this back up program a little less than I was expecting. In a nut shell it takes files you pick and compresses them (if you choose the compress file option) and stores them in another location ie: another drive, cd, removable memory stick etc.
The program makes you select the files and where to store them. For $60+ why wouldnt I select those files and just copy them myself?

Now, on the other hand some of the more advanced features allows incremental back ups, scheduled back ups and backing up files while you are working on them. (any changes you make after it is backed up is not saved mind you). Lastly the ability to just back up email or programs such as that which are more challenging to do manually is great.

What would make the program more complete - whole drive and partition back ups. If this easy to use interface could back up my computer drives in case of a crash, then the $60 is more in line as there is other software out there which does both.


If you want something you don't have to think about and it just makes a back up copy of any files/folders that are important to you then this works great. For someone who always forgets to back things up, it would be very handy. If you are computer savvy at all, the automation is convenient but for the same money a scheduled or incremental entire drive imaging software may be a better way to go unless an updated release of this adds the imaging functionality.