DVD Cloner VI Review

Simple as promised

Submitted by Smitty090 on Mon, 2009-10-05 16:45.
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Very Easy, really is just point and click and done. Auto shut down when complete so you dont have to sit and wait for it to work.
Expert functionality should allow you to remove selected content in order to use less compression on video.

If you simply want to back up a DVD, this is the easiest program I have found to do it. I used to use one program to remove the encryption, another to rip the DVD to my computer and a third sometimes to burn it as none of them were very good at doing all 3. This one does it all. Open, click, copy, done.

This even copies most larger DVD-9 formats (8.5GB) to DVD-5 format (4.7GB) automatically. You will notice a slight reduction in quality but not from the program, from trying to cram it all on a smaller DVD.

Recommendations, I would like to see options to be anble to keep or skip previews, remove additional content or sound options in order to be able to use less compression as an option on the actual movie to salvage quality.

I have an 8 yr old and a 14 yr old who neither seem to be able to learn how to put DVDs back in their cases when finished so I end up with piles of them on a cabinet which ends up scratching them. Backing them up is a perfect inexpensive way to save $$!


Although I picked on some of the advanced features, it is a "cloner" and for that purpose you cant get any easier than this.