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PaintBuster: A Must

Submitted by Alex Narmore on Tue, 2009-10-06 21:45.
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Offers more than your free image editing programs

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As a graphic designer I have used numerous photo editing programs to produce finished products such as: flyers, business cards, websites, layouts, banners, etc. The program most used has been Adobe Photoshop. As most people know obtaining a legal addition of Photoshop can cost hundreds of dollars. Money that most graphic designers, business owners, photographers would not like to spend.

Enter PaintBuster.

Designed by SoftBusters, PaintBuster is a great program that can be used by anyone. PaintBuster offers the same great features and options as the big brand photo editing programs, but with your wallet in mind.

The first thing that I noticed when using PainBuster was it's ease of use. I was quickly able to open preexisting saved files from my computer and make edits to them. I explored some of the features included in the program - text option, layers, masks, image affects, image fill-ins, etc.

When comparing new photo editing programs what I like to do is open a document such as a flyer or banner and try to reproduce the same work using the new program. I was able to open photos, cut out certain areas, paste the selected areas to my main canvas and much more. Within about 20 minutes I was able to recreate a recent flyer I made using Photoshop. All without the hassle it took me to learn the features and options with Photoshop.

Granted I do have the knowledge to use Photoshop, but that took years of practice and trial.


In conclusions I would give this program two thumbs up. I think a lot of people would get great use from PaintBuster. PaintBuster offers many of the same features and benefits of Photoshop without the high cost. This is an ideal program that can be used by anyone looking to get into graphic design, creating websites, expanding businesses, or just someone looking for a better way to edit their photos.