AT&T Natural Voices Review

AT&T Naturl voices

Submitted by osny on Mon, 2009-10-12 08:05.
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Good for basic text to voices.
This program is a step up from Microsoft's default robotic text to voice reader but AT&T's Natural Voices is less of a match to Linguatec's Voice Reader Studio.

I bought this program in early September 2006 because I'd come down with a vision problem that made me temporarily partially blind in one eye. I love to read (mostly fan fiction on the internet, but I love to research things too) and was really annoyed that I couldnt read to pass the time while I was waiting for my eye to heal.

I downloaded the free version and liked how it worked. Listened to the samples of the Natural Voices, and decided to get the full version. Totally loved the full version. The Natural Voices sound almost perfect. Sometimes they dont get the pronunciations right, and if the program cant figure out what a word is, it'll spell it, but the full version allows you to edit the pronunciations so that you can teach it how to pronounce the words right.

My eye is starting to heal now, and I can read almost normally, but I'm still using the program because it's fun to have. Plus, I've been using the program to proof read things that I write so that I can catch mistakes in my own work.


this program would be great for the visually impaired, dyslexic, and for people who have other reading problems. It works a lot better than the text-to-speech software that currently comes free with most Windows based computers.