Genie Backup Manager Professional Review

Genie Backup Manager Professional

Submitted by osny on Mon, 2009-10-12 08:12.
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U.S. government-certified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES: 128-, 192-, 256-bit) encryption security is available, as well a Zip archive password protection.
Attempts to archive to DVD-R were unsuccessful and quite frustrating due to several bugs in the software. These failures weren't burn problems, but software bugs that caused the application to come up with spurious messages and fail after 20 hours of encrypting & DVD burning.

Regain access to your data, hardware and program and resume personal and critical business operations once a data loss scenario occurs. Never again should data loss due to computer viruses, Trojan horses or malware infections, system and/or equipment failure, power outrage, robbery, fire, natural disaster, security breaches, terrorist attack, human error, organized or deliberate disruptions, and illegal programs, be an issue. With Genie Backup Manager's enhanced PE technology, which also supports Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista, you can perform your DR backup plan. It is also possible to perform your DR backup plan online.
Online Backup
Keep your data out of danger by remotely using Genie Online Backup to backup to, and restore from, using an encryption strength of 128-bit over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transmissions. Enhanced features allow you to easily view, manage, and delete your online backup storage. Added bandwidth throttling controls how much internet bandwidth GBM uses during uploads etc. Improved connectivity enables auto resumes when a connection is lost but then returns.
Backup Media
Backup to virtually any removable media device such as USB, REV disks, floppy diskette, all types of optical media, tape drive media. Also back up to remote locations using FTP and Genie Online Backup storage servers using Ajax-based backup technology. Genie Backup Manager Pro offers better data management and outstandinger data availability, LANs and for use in DAS, and NASbackups, and resource sharing scenarios.


Genie Backup Manager offers a very nice interface, many options and appears to be well supported. While I was hopeful that I would find it to be suitable for my needs, I have a hard time feeling comfortable recommending it due to the fairly significant bugs that I and others have encountered.