Mad Caps Review

Been there, done that!

Submitted by Revsurf on Wed, 2007-01-03 22:42.
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Boring, boring, boring

The most important thing behind any game is the idea, and the one behind Mad Caps has been used so many times that even a ton of makeup can't hide it. Yeah it's all shiny and glittery but where's the beef?

One thing I like about this game, and it could just as easily be the only one, is its simplicity. Starting with the main menu, there are a few options, like effects and music volume, high score table, full screen, customized cursors and...oops, it looks like that's it. Oh yeah, there are three game modes of which two are more or less the same and all in all it comes down to playing with or without the time limit. Every mode has three evenly distributed difficulty levels.

Coming down to the game play, your goal would be to line up as many objects of the same type as possible, least of them being three. Note that I have intentionally used the words "objects" and "type" instead of "caps" and "brand" cause the latter sentence could easily describe the plot of thousands of similar games out there. Talking about makeup... Using a bit of strategy could earn you extra points but if I wanted to use strategy I'd play chess. This is just not that kind of game.

I was pleasantly surprised by the game music, cause I usually have to turn the volume all the way down to avoid brain damage. In this case it fell right into place, not interfering with my game but creating that interesting background effect. Unfortunately, that was just not enough to help this game. To be honest, if I had to spend any more time playing this one I'd probably go mad, but not Mad Caps, just plain old mad.


Although being a game enthusiast, there are just some of them I can't swallow. This felt like a bad memory, one of those remake games which are not even remotely close to the quality of the original. What a waste of makeup.