Age of Castles Review

Age of Castles : When things got dreary

Submitted by Arion24 on Tue, 2009-10-13 15:59.
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The music can be quite annoying

Naturally, I'd just say something like, "Go buy Coffee Tycoon instead" since the gameplay is nigh identical but I think I'll be a little nicer and throw out a little more than my two cents.

Over the hour that I played this game, I found that the graphics have too many inconsistencies for my tastes. The opponents are poorly drawn and have poor shading if any at all. The "Hit" "Miss" and "Victory" text graphics are a bit overdone, as well. Still, the backdrops are nice and I didnt' get to play long enough to see the castle upgrade but after checking out the screenshots, I found that it's supposed to.

The sound is fair. During the battles, I can hear just about nothing of interest and I can only click through till I beat the opponent senseless with a massive army. Normally, I view a lack of sound as taking away a distraction for a strategy game but this game doesn't require too much thought to play anyway and better audio would actually add to the playability of the game.

The gameplay, as I stated above, is almost identical to the game "Coffee Tycoon". It is no contribution to the genre and should have more work done on it before it would be a tribute to the "strategy game" family.


A final note I'd like to leave is that if you really like castle building games with shallow battles and a tycoon type layout, then go ahead and play it. I -highly- recommend playing the trial version before you buy.