Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Dream Bar!

Submitted by Ggd07 on Thu, 2009-10-15 00:27.
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Decent story, sound and two-dimensional graphics. Great addictive, and fast learning game-play through the tutorial.
Needs more content, and different objectives in further levels.

Betty's Beer Game is a surprisingly addictive arcade game where you play as a character named "Betty", who wants to pursue her dream which is having her own island on the Caribbean, and owning a bar there.
The story is okay and well explained in a couple of cut-scenes.

The objective of the game is to "think quick and precise". When customers come to your bar and order beer, you have to fill a mug and give it to them. When they get drunk, you sober them up with a cup of coffee. To make your character "Betty" serve her customers beer, you have to click on the mug, click on the beer barrel to fill it, and then go to your customers and serve them with clicking on them (again).The faster you serve their beer, the bigger your tip will be after they go. You should never take a mug from the customers while they are drinking, because you will not get a tip. After they are done with the beer, and you have to serve someone else, you have to make sure your mugs are clean before that, because customers like being served in clean mugs.So you click on the mug, then take it to the sink, click on it to wash it, and it's ready to go for another beer. Also when customers get really drunk, they may pass out, and you will get no tip, so you have to serve them a cup of coffee instead of beer. This is done the same way as the beer.

The tutorial is very well made. You can take it, and you will be ready to play in two minutes.
The game consists only of three difficulties - Easy, Medium and Hard, and has the three game modes - Story Mode, Time Challenge and Free play. Free play is available only in the full version.

The controls are pretty simple. You either use the arrow keys to move around, or click on the items you have to serve, fill or wash. The game play is also simplified. As i played through the game, i did not see anything else than serving beer quick, washing mugs, and serving coffee to sober up your customers. As i recall, i saw some power ups left by the customers. For example, when you take the SOAP HANDS power up, the mug gets washed when you touch it.
The sound and graphics are pretty decent for this kind of fast paced arcade game, and the atmosphere is great.You can also upload your high score and compete online.
The only thing this game needs in order not to get boring quick, is more interactive game play. For example they can add one level that kids come to ask for beer, and if you give them, you lose popularity for giving children alcohol, but if you chase them away, you get more popular and more customers shall come. This is just an example how to make the game more interesting and challenging in further levels.


Betty's Beer Bar is an addictive fast paced arcade game, where you need reflexes and brains, in order to succeed in delivering quick, mugs filled with beer to your customers.