AV Voice Changer Review

AV Voice Changer

Submitted by julianostensen on Fri, 2009-10-16 17:16.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Very good sound quality, a lot of different sounds to choose from and some nice skins.
Can be a little hard to use in the start

Av Voice Changer is a programme made for humorous purposes only, and it can be really fun to use sometimes.

With this software you can obviously change the sound of your voice, but you can also change the sound of almost every sound file there is. You can change the sound of your music, if you for example want the singer to sound like some creature out of this world.

You can change the pitch of your voice almost without limits. You can either have a really high pitched voice or you can have a really low pitched and dark voice.

You can also download a lot of voices on the internet. This can be really funny if you want to sound like Darth Vader or some other celebrity the next time you call your friends or family.

This software can be used in many situations; you can use it when you video chat, when you prank call or when you just want to have some fun.


Av Voice Changer is an exceptional voice changer software for those of you who enjoys a good prank call every now and then.