Betty's Beer Bar Review


Submitted by GTG123 on Sat, 2009-10-17 16:34.
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Great, challenging & most of all ADDICTIVE!
More beverages could be implented.

Starting out with the quick & well-combined tutorial, I easily learned how to play the game.

Being the (good-looking) character "Betty", who's a hard working bartender, struggling for enough money to open her own bar on a tropical beach, you get to serve all different kinds of costumers.

Fill the mug, serve the beer, wash it, and repeat. Serve your costumers coffee WHEN they get too drunk to make them sober again, and keep serving beers to make even more money to make Betty's dream come true!

During the game, I felt my heart beating faster than normal, as I had to distribute the beers in a certain and quick order, before the costumers got too angry!

I do wish that more beverages will be implented to the game.

This is a great, challenging and fairly addictive game, which I can highly recommend!


Great game and great fun with great story. You've got to try it to see for yourself.