Cosmo Bots Review

Worth the play!!!!!!

Submitted by Djaraiceonfire on Mon, 2009-10-19 20:30.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Really good first impression. Awesome animations and graphics. Good sounds Easy to play and understand. Easy to navigate the menu.
Not too special, though its unique. Price is too high for this.

When i saw the thumbnail pic of the Cosmo Bots, i thought that the game should be one of those common Arcade games. but i was intrigued by the creative type of game it was once i started playing it.

The Game is an arcade game where you have to destroy Alien robots(the enemys) by filling in your grid with your weapon. Its complicated to explain but is very easy to understand even for a 4 year old when you play it for a few times..

The game is considerably addictive but not Great. It doesnt have that touch of awesomeness we usually look for in an arcade game although it is perfect in many other ways.

the graphics are GREAT! the first impression is really cool. It drags you in to play...but the addiction last only for so long.

$17.99 is too much for Cosmo Bots..But I think if the price was $10, I personally would buy something like this during the times i had a real time arcade craze.


A very good game that's pretty addictive. A unique type of game with awesome graphics and sounds...worth playing at least once.