BrickShooter Review

Bricks Bricks Bricks!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Djaraiceonfire on Mon, 2009-10-19 20:50.
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Good concept
Very Boring impression. Hard to understand. Hard to navigate the menu.

Well the thumbnail of the game is pretty deceiving. Overall the game is pretty disappointing since the attempt to throw in more innovation to the presentation "Brick Shooter" has impeded the beauty of the game and made it much more complicated. If youve been wondering, YES! it Sucks!

The Menu navigation is very complicated. It just has no necessity to be there in the middle of anyone playing the game. When a person is playing a game he should be able to freely look at every corner of the screen as if he is inside the game. The menu buttons being in such inappropriate corners makes it even harder to find them and much more frustration is created due to the unclear font that has been used to identify them.

The Game is not that easy to understand. its pretty complicated. Though the game is based on a very unique concept, it is not a good game i could recommend to anyone unless they feel like they want some boredom for change.


A very creative game which hasn't been presented well. would not recommend to anyone who wants a really good brick game experience,