AT&T Natural Voices Review

Text-to-Speech *reading*

Submitted by Ggd07 on Tue, 2009-10-20 00:06.
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The lowest price: 29$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Perfect for people who have problems looking at a computer screen.
Not really all that worthy. Voices can be much more realistic.

AT&T – Natural Voices – is a software that enables a text-to-speech function in Microsoft word. Although it is no match for Linguatec's Voice Reader Studio which costs a lot more, it is a perfect alternative for those who can not afford more expensive software. The free version works fine, and I liked the fact that you can try this program, and listen to some samples, and see what are you going to purchase if you consider doing it. The “voices” sound great, but it can be better, but like I said, more money equals more quality most of the times.

This software is great for people that have problems when they look at the computer screen, or blind people. It is affordable, and that way they can enjoy some books, or (read) information and news on the internet stored in a document. The full version has even more features like spell check, and as I recall , you can even edit the “pronouncing” of some words, and customize it.

This piece of software can be used for many other things besides people who have problems with the vision. It is just fun to hear how your text can be heard, and even see if you have any mistakes pronouncing some sentences or words when you speak. That’s the best part of it!

In conclusion, In a different manner, this software is not all that worthy really, but because it is kind of cheap, it is worth it for this price. You get what you are payed for. If you want something much more realistic, go get Linguatec’s Voice Reader, but if you are kind of low on budget, get this if you need the software, otherwise listen to the robotic Microsoft Sam. I like making fun of him ;)


Try the trial, Hear the examples, and if you like it and you are ready to purchase this product, do it;). Voices can be much more realistic than this, but you get what you are payed for. Good luck!