Dropheads Review

Cute and cool.

Submitted by Djaraiceonfire on Wed, 2009-10-21 19:51.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Really fun to play. very innovative presentation. great graphics,sounds and colours that suit the theme. Easy to understand.
Not too addictive. needs a tinge bit more excitement to get to the wow factor.

when i was playing this game the thing that caught me was the facial expressions of all the dropheads. I have a smile on my face even as i say this.

The game is surely one of the most babyish looking games I've played. but its really fun. Though i say its babyish its not baby play, so don't get me wrong. It is as challenging as many block games. The uniqueness of this comes with the ulterior challenge of finding the treasure! this makes the game very exciting to play.

The graphics are very well done. The sounds and colours are all very pleasing to the ear and the eye. Navigation through the menu is really easy and due to the tutorial mode during game play, understanding the game is completely easy.

I wouldn't say that this is the best block game I've ever played. but this does definitely go in tho my top 10 block games. and I personally would love to play this game when i need some fun. Although i think $16 dollars for the game is a bit too much, it can be considered as a fair maximum prize.


A very good block game that at the end of the day anyone would love playing and would love to get back to. Really pleasant to play. its an experience in the eyes of a child.