Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

Best SWF decompiler available!!

Submitted by Noogah on Sun, 2009-10-25 09:13.
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Ease of use, lot's of features, attractive interface
Unstable on Vista,inability to edit files,somewhat difficult to sift through controls

I have tried using multiple SWF decompilers, and nothing compares with Sothink. Sothink opens up, and gives you the option to open a file. Once you do that, the tool launches into a windows where you can browse, review, and replay images, sounds, shapes, fonts, sprites, texts and action scripts. These can be exported into multiple formats, and boasts a variety of customizable options. I especially fancy the ability to export a flash file as an FLV file, as it can then be edited, and changed in a different program, and re-exported as SWF. The interface is a relatively attractive one. It is well organized, and attractive with a simplistic color scheme.

I do have a few minor problems, however. On Vista, the program tends to be somewhat shaky and unstable. You must work slowly with it, or else it will shut down on you. This become particularly annoying when in the middle of a project.

The inability to actually edit the flash files from inside the program is also annoying, and the ability to do so would be an excellent addition.

It was relatively to use. I didn't have a hard time navigating through the program, although it did take some poking around to find certain options. I figured it out soon though, and I would say that it wasn't great, but was certainly acceptable.


Sothink is by far the best SWF decompiler I have ever used. It's easy, and boasts a superb ammount of features, plus an attractive interface which contrasts greatly the ugly and unattractive competitors that I have tried. The ability to recompile would be a nice addition, however, and I would also like the program to be less unreliable on Vista.