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do not buy

Submitted by dk258 on Tue, 2009-10-27 20:00.
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overpriced as less features are offered

Effect3D Studio allows anyone, from beginners to experienced designers, the ability to create professional 3D animated graphics. Add dramatic effects to your projects with simple drag-and-drop options available from the content galleries. Choose from hundreds of backgrounds, 3D objects, rendering effects, material settings, lighting and animation effects. You can also manually adjust settings & parameters to achieve the exact effect you are looking for.


* Real-time 3D WYSIWYG editing environment.
* Over 700 high quality 3D objects.
* Import 2D photos & graphics or 3DS format objects.
* Create 3D text objects.
* 24 Photo-realistic and Non-Photo realistic rendering style effects.
* Hundreds of adjustable rendering style, material, lighting, animation, image processing parameters.
* Animation gallery with over 70 categorized animation's.
* Flexible output options with wide range of supported file formats.
ery crappy

thats all good but talking from experience i didnt find this software that good actually its very crappy


too pricy, no advanced features, crashes mostly, its a dodgy software needs to be fixed.