Alien Shooter Review

Alien Shooter very addictive

Submitted by Calvin939 on Mon, 2009-11-02 04:57.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Very addictive, Easy to understand, lots of weapon choice, hour on end gameplay, good price.
No story line, once completed little to do, Music, Graphics not best

Well once you get into the game your more aless addicted straight away, because any type of play can just jump streight into the game, not hard to understand the keys and what you have to do. Which is great for all level of players from "the novice to the pro" even if your a kickass player who there is still alot for you to find find in this game.
When i first got "Alien Shooter" i was playing end on end, The choices on weapons are at great variety to pick from such as pistols, Grenade launchers, shotguns, miniguns and rifles.

The down side is there is no real story line, when you start a new game all you get told is there was a "military experiment that went wrong" but no expulsion to where you are. All that we get told is that our mession is to clear out the base.

Althought the story line isnt the best, the gameplay its self is what brings this game up to its best, the non stop rushing about destorying all the aliens in your way, with about 70 to 100 aliens on your screen at a time. Earning the money by killing more aliens so you can buy new guns, and tons of cool gadgets.


Although the graphics, the music are not the best and the story line isnt to great. If your into playing some good Action Arcade game this is this one of your best choice beacuse there is hours on hours worth of gameplay, with a great variety of weapons and gadgets to pick from. Tons of aliens to kill and the game does have quite an unique feel to it and for as little as $17.85 you really cant go wrong on this.