Age of Castles Review

It's Fun...At first

Submitted by waywardmedusa on Wed, 2009-11-04 12:49.
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Easily understood game play and simple controls with a nice user interface.
Repetitive and low difficulty

If you’re a fan of the old Oregon Trail and Tycoon games you will probably like this one. For anyone who likes anything more complex than repetitively simple and a frankly easy game play I would look elsewhere.

At first the game was interesting, engaging, and had a nice user interface. Quickly this impression turned into, “Wow! I wonder how long I can do the same thing over and over.“ This game might be fun for the first hour or so but after that it will just take up space on your desktop.

The difficulty of this game was also a disappointment. I would have expected something quite a bit more challenging from a strategy game. All in all I would say pass on this game. Its not worth the money. I would only ever recommend this game to someone under the age of 10.


Might be good for small children, but I think this game is to bland and boring to be worth the cost…PASS!