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Youda Sushi Chef

Submitted by cashexplode on Tue, 2009-11-10 15:54.
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Graphics are very well done.
Apart from the changing menu items, it became a bit of a mundane clicking routine.

The game started out promising, the graphics were well done and adequate.

Serving a series of sushi to customers before they got too angry is the objective of the game. Topping up ingredients as they are used up is the other.

The challenge of the game is to memorize the combinations of ingredients to make the various menu items and send them before each customer. The combinations get difficult to remember as many of them are just a slight variation of each other. Referring to the menu is allowed at this time but that means losing game time.

There's precious nothing else to do except memorizing the combination and clicking repeatedly on almost the same items continuously. I do not find anything else to hold my attention and interest after the 3rd round.


In the beginning, it looked poised to be one of those games that will get you so addicted that you will not sleep till you reach the end. However, after a while you realised that the only challenge is remembering how to make the sushi, everything else becomes a boring routine.