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Youda SAS Zombie Assault

Submitted by Martez on Wed, 2009-11-11 13:05.
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-Great gunshot sound -Fun playing the first 30 minutes -It's free
-After 30 minutes it gets boring and repetitive

Zombie killing game with great gunshot sound and simple control.

The game reminds me of counter strike 2d in point of graphics, sound and control. At first there are 3 difficulty levels, normal, hard and nightmare. At normal the waves of zombies are bigger compared to hard and nightmare difficulty, but you can kill them much easier and you get more money every time you kill one zombie. With the money you can buy weapons like machine gun, shotgun, submachine gun, sniper rifle, assault riffle, sentry guns and proximity mine. At the beginning of the game you start with a hand gun in a barricaded house that zombies attack. The zombies will try to destroy the barricades and enter the house to attack you, so you need to kill the invaders and repair the barricades, you can shoot the zombies through the barricades, so it gives you an advantage to have the barricades repaired all the time, because it takes the zombies some time to destroy them and you can shoot them while they are trying to storm the house. The ammo is limited by how much money you have. After the third wave it gets harder and harder to defend you're self against waves of zombies. There is a total of 20 waves you need to survive to finish the game.

At the beginning the game is fun but after 30 minutes it gets boring and repetitive.


If you have really nothing to do, then this game is worth to spend a couple of minutes on it.