Cosmo Bots Review

Retro 64's Comso Bots is a Good Game But Not Great

Submitted by Inspector34 on Wed, 2009-11-11 18:34.
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1. Unique and interesting gameplay 2. Good graphics and sound 3. Easy to play
1. Repetitive gameplay 2. Levels look similar within episodes or groups

Cosmo Bots is a game reminisent of the Arcade game Qix which has been around since the 80's. It is basically a squiggly line that you have to trap by blocking off squares. The game can be fun for people that remembered Qix. Cosmo Bots could be this generation's Qix for gamers who never experienced anything like it.

Cosmo Bots adds a lot more complexities and scenery than Qix but Cosmo Bots is still an easy game to play. The areas to block off and the enemies vary. There are powerups to momentarily give you an advantage that make the game more interesting. Even with these variations the game still looks repetitive. It feels like after playing the demo game, I don't have an incentive to go back.

What helps Cosmo Bots is the uniqueness of the game. It stands out as different from the popular 3d first person and scrolling shoot 'em up games. There is some thinking involved as you decide the best time and location to block off areas containing enemies.

With some improvements, the game could be more exciting and addictive. For example, if the levels look more drastically different than the next, the could be more interest. If there were more challenges for the game player that would also make the game greater.


Cosmo Bots is a good game worth playing but it runs the risk of feeling redundant. It has the potential to be great but it isn't great now.