PDFCamp Pro Review

PDF camp pro - Needs a re-build

Submitted by ursvmg on Sat, 2009-11-14 21:24.
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The lowest price: 34$
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Multiple files conversion, Batch Execution, Auto update in all printing menus
No standard help, Not robust, Need better exception handling processes

Well. I have completed my review more on a simple user's perspective. On my first look, the appearance of the software is not so great but good. Only online help available from the Start->Program Files->Menu. There is no link to the help in any of the software’s menu. Here an implicit requirement of internet connection arises, to access the help.

I found very difficult to find out how to invoke batch mode execution. But later I found that using internet-help. Even though we cannot invoke batch execution from main menu, the space in the menu containing “Command line parameter:” is editable.

After I installed, I tried to open a word document from the software menu and converted to a PDF. It ends up in some MS visual basic error asking me whether to end or debug. When I clicked Debug, it went in to VB and I had to stop the debugging and came out. I felt that the exception handling in that case was missing.

Overall the printing to PDF process in MS word document is very good. But the colors of some texts and borders vary between input and output files.
I found working of software with MS Excel documents needs more improvement. There was no problem at all in printing a single worksheet.
But none of the below modes helped me to print all the worksheets in a document to a single file
1) By selecting multiple worksheets using ctrl key and then print
2) By selecting to print entire workbook in print options

There was an option on image viewer "convert to PDF using PDF Camp" doesn’t seem to work properly. When I click that, the image got processed, but didn't show where it was printed.

Also in the software, there is a link for technical help. When i click that, It ended up in "Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library" error with message" Debug Assertion Failed!".

In spite of the above issues, I found some good things too
Option of printing multiple files by selecting the files from explorer was excellent.
Batch mode execution, very helpful for developers


On the whole, except for few good options most of the options has some bug in it. Since the software is priced, it needs to be more robust in order to compete with some of the absolutely free PDF convertors. All the bugs needs to be fixed, to get a clean hit in the markets.