Platypus Review


Submitted by scorpioncbr on Tue, 2007-01-09 12:02.
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very fun and original
graphics aren't the best, but are still original.

Ok i must admit that at first i didn't like this game at all, but for some weird reason i always wanted to play some more just to see if i could get a bit further.

ok, now keep in mind that the graphics consist in photographed clay, but I would give it a point or two just for the originality and the work that the programmers must've put into it.

If at first you don't like it trust me you will after a few times that you play. you will want to see if you can get further and just how many powerups you get before you die.. or in other cases finish the level and ultimately the game itself.


fun game which might not entertain at first but will most likely lure the user into it's dynamic story.