AusLogics BoostSpeed Review

Auslogics Boostspeed: One of the best Windows utilities ever!

Submitted by jeremywork on Thu, 2009-11-19 02:58.
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*Wonderful ease of use and tool performance *Great price for what you get *Tool effectiveness is amazing *Background process takes up almost no CPU time *Processes complete very quickly *There is always a Backup check-box before important things are changed for assurance purposes
*Automatic tool scheduling is not available *Automatic updating is not very good

Auslogics Boostspeed is an amazing utility suite, allowing the cleaning and defragmentation of both the local drives and the registry. It also adds an easy way to manage services, start-up tasks, installed programs, etc. The suite also comes with a Tweak manager, allowing the easy customization of windows explorer and the operating system settings. It even adds some hidden options that you do not have access to normally. I have fount the disk defragmentation tool to be one of the most effective ones I've ever tried.


I am a technician, and this is the single most useful tool I've ever worked with. For my computers, it's about as key to install as Anti-virus software. I've taken old computers that people have thrown away, ran this tool on them, and been able to sell them for up to $300. This tool will optimize years of junk buildup on your computer. Your system ends up like new after optimization.