Luxor: Amun Rising Review

The game is so great it got ported!

Submitted by nikitaluger on Fri, 2009-11-20 10:41.
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Addictive, Simple, good pick-me-up game, ported to other devices, good range of difficulty level
still has room for improvements like a multiplayer mode

Here are the basics of the game. The player must prevent chains of magical balls from reaching the pyramid. Destroy the balls by linking 3 balls with the same color. Destroying certain balls will grant you power-ups that will greatly aid you finish a level. The game mechanics are pretty basic but becomes very addictive when all the elements are mixed up.

To be honest, I'm not really good with this game but I cant stop playing especially when I get lucky and able to pull a major chain combo clearing all the balls in the screen with just one shot! I still haven't finished the game because the advance levels are very difficult to accomplish with the increased speeds and trick shapes of the tracks.

The thing that is remarkable about this game is that, due to its popularity, it was ported on game consoles as well as hand-held systems. Believe it or not but I only discovered this game when I borrowed a bunch of UMDs from a buddy of mine and played it on my PSP. You'll also be able to play Luxor on your PS2, XBox360, or even your iPhone, etc. Those ports are not actually Luxor: Amun Rising but still Luxor as a whole minus the new maps and some additional power-ups.


If you like puzzle games like Zuma or Puzz Loop then this game is a great addition to your collection.