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Submitted by lawal on Tue, 2009-11-24 05:46.
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Playing is an unforgettable experience because of great design,brilliant sound production and great pictures.
You lose some of your scores when you repair or upgrade.

In this excellent war game,a plague of locust invaders want to take over human supremacy of space.These deadly aliens are using maternal ships to launch attack at humans.To combat these aliens scientists have built special weapons.

As you play this game you launch weapons(lasers,rockets and droids) to vaporize your enemies.The cool excellent music coming from the background makes you smarter and gives you the all necessary encouragement you need to fight harder and moves faster while you shower missiles at the deadly locusts which fire at you non-stop.

If your spaceship is damaged,you can repair it.You have easy access to the control panel where you can reload or upgrade your weapon and return to war even stronger.

You have unlimited game time and you can chose up to 10 levels of difficulty until you hit your peak.The game has full mouse and optional keyboard controls.Music volume and screen resolution are adjustable to give you maximum satisfaction.The general experience of the game is terrific.


I recommend it for any adult who wants to take a walk in the wild space.