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The Treasures of Mystery Island (Allawar)

Submitted by LucianoD on Tue, 2009-11-24 23:35.
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Good gameplay, average graphics, concept is nice although cliche, entertaining, easy to use
Poor sound, No replay value

The Treasures of Mystery Island is a hidden object game from Allawar.

The beginning cut scene of the game portrays a much too overused story about a plane crashing into a remote island under mysterious circumstances. In the game itself you play the role of the unlucky pilot, and only passenger, who happens to work for his fiancee's mother as a delivery boy of sorts. The main idea of the game is to leave the island, deliver the product and get married. Although it is quite a cliche setting, it's still nonetheless an entertaining story.

Throughout the game you will have to find the objects needed for the quests you are given as well as complete various entertaining mini games; in other words it's like most other games of its kind. It's not much better or worse than the average.

For those who are new to the hidden object genre, the beginning of the game gives you a very thorough walk through on exactly what you're going to be doing. However, for those of us who are hardened veterans of this genre, the tutorial has a skip function; which lets us submerge into the game from the beginning.

The game also features one of the better tip systems I've seen so far. Instead of it simply telling you exactly where an item is, it makes it easier to find it. You are given a rock that you move with your mouse, which glows brighter and brighter the closer you are to the item you seek. Once its used you must wait a set amount of time to use it again.

The game's atmosphere has a very nice feel to it, it has a very tropical setting although the sound loop does become quite tedious after some time. However, you have the option of muting the music but leave the ambient sound intact.

The graphics have very vivid colors, but they remain average; on par with the rest but not above them.


This game will not revolutionize the industry, neither will it set a standard for future games of its kind. However it does indeed achieve what it was made to do, entertain the player.