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Submitted by lawal on Wed, 2009-11-25 01:48.
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Useful,fast and intelligent software.First of its kind.
Although good but not perfect.Sometimes gives false results.

This is a face recognition software which captures one or more faces on your screen and compares them with the photos or pictures in your archive.

To use this simple software,first put the face on your screen then press the hot key (F12) to capture it and place it in the control box.Next,select the folder or hard drive where all your photos are stored and press the search button.

As the wizard sniffs around your archive the contents are displayed in rapid succession,one after the other.Each time a match is found it is immediately listed and by the time the wizard is through you are presented with a list of matches,though some may not be exact.

This software can be used in criminal detection and a few other applications,I suppose.


I recommend it for personal use but not for serious business.There is room for improvement.