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Revenge of the Chicken

Submitted by paul_day on Wed, 2009-11-25 04:54.
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Fast mouse gameplay. Good soundtrack. Action packed!
Low-level violence.

Revenge of the Chicken is a shooter full of action and a bit of humour. The idea of the game is to control the hen to get revenge on as many bad guys as you can before the enemies get the better of you.

Movement is controlled by the mouse, and is fast. Each dead bad guy leaves a cactus, and the palm tree in the middle, both act as a barrier for your gun, so this is a bit frustrating at times. Watch out for the spiked rollers, the screaming woman and the cart, all bonuses which can be shot.

The hens gun can be upgraded, to rapidfire, auto-aim, and slow motion among others. The hen will need to collect coins and gems to be cashed in for these upgrades.


Plenty of fun in this Space Invaders-type shooter. Fast action gameplay make this a good game, with a funny twist. Get the highest score amongst your friends and relieve a bit of stress with this fun shooter.