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Submitted by paul_day on Wed, 2009-11-25 06:00.
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Good graphics and animations.
Violent. No upgrade shop.

Alert Alert, The Pulsarius system is being invaded by an alien force, all hands on deck! The alien race has attacked and have brought with them a deadly disease which is taking control of the Pulsarius system colony. Your mission is to destroy the enemy alien force and find a cure to this disease before it brings devastation to planet Earth and her colonies.

Another action-packed shooter from Alawar Games. Pulsarius has fast and smooth gameplay. The graphics are good and animations excellent, especially the explosions. The sound effects and soundtrack were above average.

The game starts with 3 ships with 5 armour points. Each time the ship is hit you lose an armour point. When the ship reaches zero armour points the ship is destroyed. Upgrades are obtained on-screen. There is no shop or larger craft you can dock, so all upgradres occur instantaneously on-screen. Upgrades include three types of lasers which can be upgrades 5 times, and also shields.

Good luck pilot, the human race depends on you.


Blast the enemy race back to where they came from in this action packed shooter from Alawar Games. Smooth gameplay and animations make this game good fun to play.