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Star Defender 4

Submitted by paul_day on Thu, 2009-11-26 02:57.
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Some cool effects. Smooth gameplay.
Average graphics. Minimal violence.

Defend planet Earth from the invading aliens. The alien hordes will not stop until they destroy planet Earth. You must stop them by all means necessary.

The graphics were of average standard, but the amniations were good. Sound was average, but there were some cool effects, like the alien ship with the twin red lasers and the way the screen shakes when you lose a life. The graphics behind the game screen was a little corny.

The upgrades were good, with weapons such as straight missiles, homing missiles, saw, flamethrower, barrier, lasers, homing missile, ball lightning, cutter, machine gun, infector, and the parasitron. All upgrades occur instantaneoulsy onscreen.

Generally a good game from Alawar Games. One for all the shooter fans out there. Enjoy!


A game recommended for the older children. Have hours of fun blowing the aliens away and defending planet Earth in this fun game4 from Alawar Games. Good Luck Pilot!