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Alabama Smith in The Quest of Fate (Allawar)

Submitted by LucianoD on Fri, 2009-11-27 00:27.
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Very addictive storyline keeps you wondering what will happen next, good graphics, many mini games and puzzles, two different endings
Looping sound, animations can sometimes be rather rough

In this dazzling hidden object game, you take on the role of the famed archaeologist and Yale professor Alabama Smith. You must accompany him as he embarks in yet another journey that takes him to the famed Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. In this great game you are taken to over 20 different locations as you help Alabama solve one of the most complicated archaeological mysteries yet. You will travel through time, you will solve puzzles and you will emerge yourself into a world of great mystery.

This is a great game for any fan of the genre, as well as newcomers looking to experience the style. The game has great, realistic-looking, graphics, although as most games of the genre, the animations can be of rather low quality. The sound is above average, however, the infinite looping of music can make the sound monotonous at times.

The games comes packed with many great features. It contains many mini games, not just one or two like most other games. In one hour of game play I played about 6 completely different mini games. The full version of the game even includes 4 different playable characters as well as 25 different locations to explore.


This is a great game that I recommend for any fan of the hidden object genre. It has a great story that will keep you playing for hours, and a game play that will facilitate just that.