Wild West Wendy Review

Wild Wendy

Submitted by jadesky88 on Fri, 2009-11-27 04:17.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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The graphics are amazing, easy to navigate challenge and save menu. Addictive if you let it.
Even though graphics are great, can make the game seem confusing when in a more challenging mode.

Wild West Wendy is a game I actually thought I'd be bored with. I immediately thought it would be a copy cat of the cult original "Diner Dash" with a western twist. However, when I opened the game I was taken back by the brilliant colored graphics, and the navigable menu that has tons of options and modes of play.

The game is very handy in the menu specifically breaking down which game mode you would like to chose and what intensity. Also, when you do start a game, all is not lost because the game will actually help you in the saloon and point out new assignments and ways of making money.

Again the same kind of idea as Diner Dash because you are serving people however there is a different spin on it! Like shooting your guns to calming down a heated argument, capture fugitives, or stop the local thieves. D

When you are up in a challenging mode or intensity, however it can get quite confusing. If you neglect any of your customers or ignore your distractions you could loose everything really fast. Everyone will simply walk out. That's where the graphics hinder the game because it can look rather busy at certain points (but I guess that's the point).


Overall I liked this game, and it is very addictive once you get into it. Wild Wendy Wendy is a great game to buy, the graphics are stunning and the game is easy to use. To me it's worth $17.95.