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Bato: The Treasures of Tibet

Submitted by paul_day on Fri, 2009-11-27 13:27.
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No violence. Fun concept for a game.
A bit boring. Average sound.

Hours of fun in one of the latest Alawar Games, with a Tibetan theme. Your mentor will help you through the Bato Academy, onto the Native Village and onto the wide world of Bato. Compete level after level and challenge yourself with this fun strategy game.

Throw the colored marbles against the wall and clash the same colored marbles together to score. This game is very similar to snooker or billiards, but with no pockets. Extra scores are awarded for ricochet, fast shot, and multiple hits. The board is rectangular, and constantly changes from level to level, with different obstacles and hazards to ruin your shot, such as earthquakes.

There are not much graphics to mention, and there was a general lack of animations, but overall a thinking game of strategy. Sound effects were average. The soundtrack fitted into the Tibetan theme very well.


A fun concept for a game, throwing the colored balls together to match. Not much to mention in the graphics department, but a fun idea for a game. Recommended for all children, due to no violence.