Dungeon Scroll Review

Decent, but nothing new.

Submitted by Techomelet on Sat, 2009-11-28 06:28.
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Decent Puzzle Aspect, liked the small RPG element
could use some more RPG element and variety

This game is a mix of a Role Playing Game and puzzle game. Your goal is to create words using the letters they give you. When you create the word you will 'attack' your enemy. Likewise the enemy will attack you every few seconds. You must create as many long words as you can in order to defeat him first.
I respect the graphics on this game for being decent, considering this is the type of game where graphics aren't a big issue. However the images used seem to lack the synchronization that makes it an interface instead of a bunch of images. The graphics for the opponents are done mediocre.
One special effect that I enjoyed was the little spiders on the main menu. They crawled around on the screen, and added a nice feel. Explosions and sparkles are repetitive.
The game-play for this game is repetitive. Words may not be reused which adds a challenge, but level to level things do not change. The enemies may change and, occasionally the letters, but the same sequence is repeated, over, and over, and over. However I did find one feature that I did rather enjoy. Once willing dueling it out with a skeleton I used the word 'rat'. This triggered an event which sent a rat down the screen, giving me some extra letters.


Dungeon Scroll just doesn't measure up all the other games available. Many flash games available online are equal to or better.