Search Maker Pro Review

a Decent Search Engine.....not quite Google!

Submitted by Simer03 on Mon, 2009-11-30 23:17.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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easy to use, not that bad
way too expensive, not worth using everyday, no extra options

Search Maker Pro is just as it sounds; a search engine and a decent one at that! Not quite Google or Yahoo but it's okay. There really is no use to it though, there are better options, such as the FREE Google and Yahoo! I searched a few things and got a good number of options when doing so. All the steps are easy to follow, the search box worked great, the searches came fast but not as fast as you would like.

Not many features at all with this, and definitely not worth the price. Not one bit. No extra settings such as the advanced features on Google and Yahoo. the only extra features are mediocre at best and don't really change much. No help on problems like troubleshooting and things like that.

A decent search engine that is easy to use but not very helpful. I guess if you have a website, it's good to put it on there. Good for your site visitors to play with. Definitely not worth the price, that's for sure!


Too expensive for a mediocre search engine!