President Forever Review

Wanna be a President? Here's your chance.

Submitted by varunvsharma on Wed, 2007-01-10 20:42.
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The lowest price: 10.8$
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Great detail and depth. Flexible gameplay. Several different ways to achieve objectives. Very cheap (in terms of money, of course!).
Very basic graphics. Not everyone's calling.

I think President Forever deserves far more credit than it is getting right now. It tackles the complicated problem of elections in a very innovative manner.

You can play as several different individuals from the Republican, Democrat and other parties. The game, set in 2008, presents a scenario in which no one candidate in a party is set to represent it. Besides striving to be elected as the President, you also have to get elected as the leading representative of your party to have a shot at the primaries.

The gameplay revolves around you, the candidate, creating your political strategy with limited time and resources. Fans of simulations and detailed political games will surely appreciate, the depth that this game goes into. The game also has a tremendous replayability factor, as one can achieve the objective of becoming President in several different ways and with several different candidates.

Although I havent tried the multiplayer mode, I am very certain that playing with other human beings will be immensely exciting. Lastly, the game is very cheap to buy and certainly will provide you with hours of non-stop fun.


Overall $10 for a game like President Forever is a real bargain. The game is extremely addictive and has tremendous replayability. Perhaps one of the best game in its genre.