Pretty Good Solitaire Review

The Rolls Royce of all solitaire programs

Submitted by CaliforniaGirl on Fri, 2006-01-20 09:33.
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The game looks professional, not like arcade games. There are plenty of options to make it interesting. Cards turn over automatically. The variety is endless.
You'll never have enough time to play all 640 games included in the package.

Pretty Good Solitaire is probably the only solitaire game collection of its kind. And I don’t mean the fact that Goodsol has some of the most unusual solitaire games I’ve ever tried. I mean the fact that Tom released the game ten years ago and have been continuously adding, improving and upgrading.

It’s hard to believe, but if you read Tom’s blog, it says that the original game contained only five games and took a month to complete. I’ve just looked at the site and currently Pretty Good Solitaire has 640 games. Wow! How’s that for growth.

I have not played all 640. In fact, I only have five favorites that I play more or less every week. But what immediately stands out is innovative graphics for design sets. Not, just pretty graphics – innovative. Where does he get these ideas from anyway? There is American Presidents card set, cats card set, science fiction card set, thanksgiving card set, Valentine’s Day card set, even tarot card set.

The card sets are absolutely sensational and are a major factor which invokes more and more play. The games are always interesting with so much choice it becomes very hard to shut down.


This is the Rolls Royce of all solitaire programs. From its very conception it has been a premium package of more solitaire games than you can imagine. Not only does it look pretty but performs as well as it looks. Fast moving & easy to use. The ultimate stress breaker.