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Submitted by lawal on Mon, 2009-12-14 06:16.
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Great graphics and cool music to match.Playing is an exciting experience.
Each time you are defeated at any level in the war,you start again from level 1.

A horde of technologically proficient creatures called insectus are attacking an unknown civilization. I am the pilot of our spaceship and I must go to stop them from the invasion.I made it through the hole but now suddenly,I find myself in a darkfog system where the insectus have started their destruction.

When they spot me at the bottom of the screen,they start to come down aggressively.Very quickly I study their movements.There’s a swarm of green millipedes which twist and turn as they come down.They have just one purpose:to eat me up! There’s another set of ugly-looking white horny insectus which parade across the middle of the screen dropping small inconspicuous green and red bombshells at me from time to time.In the top corners of the screen lurk two monster insectus ,the commanders! It is not until I get to level 2 that I discover those monsters are far more deadly than I have thought.

With my mouse gripped tightly in my hand I move very quickly left and right while firing relentlessly at any of the insectus I can spot coming down on me,while simultaneously dodging any bombshell fired at me by the horny insectus.The music playing in the bachground is very encouraging and I have to lend it an ear because it makes me smarter and stronger.

So I continue to smash,explode and destroy the insectus.Those swarming millipedes are a piece of cake because I explode them more easily.It’s only those horny creatures I find very challenging because as they multiply in number,so do the number of bombshells they fire! Now they are so large in number they won’t allow my weapons to strike those hiding monsters(which add to my problem by occasionally dropping big red spinning bombshells at me).Each one does not die until it absorbs 4 or 5 shots!

After Ihave killed a few of them I get 1000 bonus points.Then I get reloaded with more powerful bombshells which scatter in all directions,bringing down the stubborn horny insectus much more easily.If I am unlucky,however,and I am hit by just one of those red fireballs,my spaceship bursts out in an explosion out of all proportion to its size! Another hit by the red fireballs damages my spaceship beyond repair and I’m out of the game!

It isn’t until I have destroyed all the horny insectus that I’m able to target those monsters in the corners.They take lots of shots though,once I vaporize them the screen clears and I move to the next level.

When I get to level 4 the war gets really terrible! The change in the tone of the music is enough to warn me to be extremely careful at this level.Now,my enemies have multiplied and are back reloaded with stronger and extremely faster weapons.I can hardly stand those missiles,especially when fired two at a time,and,oh my God,at a lightning speed that is too much for me to escape! I have to admit I never make it to level 5.


This game is for anyone looking for a great war experience.