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Azgard Defence

Submitted by paul_day on Mon, 2009-12-14 09:01.
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Graphics and animations are good. Fun fast paced game.
An animated violence warning.

Control the armies and destroy the medieval monsters with this action style game from Alawar Games. You control the towers of either archers, cannons, wind towers or airship pads, and destroy the enemy before they attack and kill all 20 citizens in your home castle.

Gameplay is fast and furious, with monsters being released from their home even before the last wave has even finished! Each monster that is destroyed and each wave that is eliminated, leaves coins for you to either buy new towers, upgrade or level up an existing tower. The more monsters you face the tougher they are to beat.

The range, rate of fire and damage increases with each level up. When you upgrade a tower, it transfers it into a different type, such as the archer can turn into a poison tower, causing more terror to the enemy.

The game has an inbuilt tutorial which is good. Graphics and animations are good. Even the sound was above average and added a very good medieval feel to the game.


Use your intelligence to battle the emeny and place the towers in the correct positions. A fun fast paced game from Alawar Games. I recommend it.