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Youda Camper

Submitted by paul_day on Tue, 2009-12-15 13:36.
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Constant real-time action.
Graphics were a bit small to properly see. Average sound effects.

Youda Camper is a game written by Youda Games. A lot of fun to play, recommended for all ages, because their is no violence in the game.

The clear tutorial shows how to build items, like tents, toilets, trashcans, wash rooms, showers and other structures to keep the campers needs satisfied. Also you can control the parks services, such as the bulldozer, repairs, and cleaner.

You must remember to find a place for the new-comers in their cars to drive on, park and camp. Once the camper has found a camping spot, you must attend to his complaints which may vary from adding a camp fire, a hedge, an electric lamp, or a toilet.

Once the camper has finished, he pays his fee and leaves. The money he leaves can then be used to buy items and buildings for the camp.

Maintain the camp and basically keep them all happy campers. Enjoy!


Manage the camping park and keep all the campers happy. Build roads, trents, toilets and other building to satisfy all the guests needs. Happy camping!