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Submitted by lawal on Tue, 2009-12-15 23:58.
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The graphics is good,the music is excellent and encouraging
You cannot advance beyond the middle of the screen. Energy meter takes too much of screen space.

This is another brilliant war game from Alawar in which you use your mouse to control a spaceship.You are going to combat invasion by swarms of enemy ships.A left click fires your primary weapons and a right click fires more deadly secondary weapons.The control panels are beautifully designed.In the options panel you can change display mode(from screen to windowed and back),color depth,music volume,sound volume and mouse sensitivity.The music played in the game is a good match.

There's an energy meter on the top right corner of the screen where you can read the energy level of your ship and the number of shots you can fire. In the “hall of fame panel” you choose a difficulty level(from very easy to nightmare).

Starting from the bottom of the screen you have to hit a large number of fast and cunning enemy ships. The small ones among them dodge your shots by some fast jerky movements while the heavy ones are so stubborn to blow off.If you run after them they'll run away from you while at the same time spraying their weapons back on you.If you are hit your ship's energy will drop (you'll see that if you take a quick glance at the energy meter).If you advance forward they would scatter and run in different directions. However you cannot advance beyond the middle of the battlefield and this is a limitation of the game that I do not like! If you are hit several times the game is over!
If you progress to a higher level however,you have to fight more sophisticated and rugged ships.The war becomes even tougher-so tough you’d think you can never make it.If you can blow out some of them then you can catch bonuses falling from the destroyed ships.These bonuses give you extra points,invisibility,defense(your ship becomes invulnerable),increase your firing rate and so on.
Your bonuses will give you extra energy to destroy the enemy ships.Just switch to your secondary weapons(you need many bonuses to qualify).Hit the right button of your mouse and there you are! Your ship will vomit rocket shells strong enough to melt enemy ships in just one hit,or emit lightnings and thunder that can vaporize them in the twinkle of an eye.The sound of the explosions will rock your speakers!
The secondary weapons are very limited in number but if you use them rightly and timely you will clear the battlefield quickly and victory will certainly be yours!


Game is good for all adult,too violent for children.