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Governor of Poker

Submitted by Cris Mendes on Fri, 2009-12-18 15:21.
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Enjoyable. With a easy real estate management. Music, sound effects and voices are ok. Rewards for achievements.
Somewhat difficult poker games, making you fold a lot. Repetitive,town to town, win tournaments, buy houses then do the same in the next.

Governor of poker takes you back to the wild west, wining at the cards and becoming a real estate tycoon.
Governor of poker is a game of;as the name says; poker, more Texas Hold 'em, and with a cartoonist theme passed in the wild west, you will have a top to down view and plenty of hours of fun.
After choosing your character you will start in a town of Texas, from that point you can start by talking to the citizens getting poker advices,information, or even borrow some cash, citizens that can take you to tournaments are signaled, some will ask money to enter some other will be free of charge, some buildings are open to be bought provided you have enough cash to afford it.And that is what the game is all about, instead of just focus on the poker games, Governor of Poker gives the possibility of a micro-management, buying when having enough money and selling when you need it, each house bought gives a income, small first but after buying more houses the cash flow will be steady, providing money and transportation to enter the other towns tournaments.
The poker tournaments have also a top down perspective allowing you to see only the hands and hats of the characters and the poker table, in case however of not being a great poker fan, you can always turn the tips on for a extra help or see the instruction button above to see the combinations used in poker.
As for the game of poker you can enjoy when a adversary is losing money and steam comes out of his ears, or doesn't know what to do next and tap is fingers on the table,you will have different opponents in different places.
You will have a reputation meter that grows up with every wining and house bought giving you the chance of getting to the newspaper front page.


Governor of Poker is a great game in which you can spend hours enjoying it,good environments,and good translations for other languages like spanish, italian and german. Its difficulty in the poker games however can be exasperating, after some hours the game starts to be repetitive. If you are up for a challenge then this is your game.