FantaMorph Review

FantaMorph Review

Submitted by goncalo on Fri, 2009-12-18 18:47.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Morphing is made very effectively, Addition of Png images to create various effects such as light and frames.
The interface of the program is hard although it is noticeable that an attempt to make it easier was done. Time consuming to get to the final result.

FantaMorph is a nice program that provides the ability of morphing two or more images togheter. Whether the objective is to blend 2 faces or simply doing a photo montage the program works just fine. As for its interface I would say it is not the easiest you could get although a nice attempt was done to make it easy, but it is not at all horribly filled with those complicated “useless buttons” that you would find in some other applications. It surely takes time to master well the morphs and to adjust the points to the precise pixels you are aiming for. It is very versatile to use and I would see it more as an inter-medium in editing. Meaning that after doing a morph you would work the resulting image in photoshop or other application in order to make some more adjustments.

You will need to work with pictures that have a good clarity/ resolution as well as proper lighting definitions to achieve the best results. Your face is easier to create if your face is cantered in the picture. So this means that if you have some picture of you having fun on your holidays riding a bike or something else that would involve your face being photographed in other angles… The probability of getting your face morphed in the wrong way is increased largely.

The program itself doesn’t occupy much space on the hard disk.
One of the best features when morphing is the blending morphing type of warp image 1 where the changes are very subtle as the frames go by and before you know the image morphed already. This involves highly smooth transitions that are just right for the job.


There is no doubt that the concept of the program and its use is of top notch use. However if you are familiar with the so popular adobe photoshop, you clearly are going to opt by doing such morphs manually with photoshop. If not familiar then this would be a nice one for you and definitely for kids to have fun. The price tag suits the program and I think that apart from the time it will take to do a perfect morph and learn to use the program accordingly, the program will do it just fine.