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Youdagames-Supermarket Mania Review

Submitted by rajassaroy on Fri, 2009-12-18 19:55.
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Simple mouse gameplay; Great characters, environments; Addictive, extensive choices and upgrades; Great music and SFX; Promises hours of fun;
Average graphics; Upgrades not retained when we switch between shops;

Supermarket Mania by Youdagames takes you into the world of a supermarket worker of the future, who has been overpowered by efficient robots who have displaced humans from supermarket jobs. And it is our duty to help her achieve her task of competing with the robots and achieving better sales.

The game features good comic book formatted intros and dialogues and is a great supermarket stimulator. We take control of an aspiring supermarket worker, filling shelves with groceries, cleaning trash and stopping shoplifters and pesky teenagers who litter the shop from time to time, making the game more exciting with each level.

The game is really addictive, addictive to the extent that I not only played the entire 1 hour demo at a stretch, but also reinstalled it to play it again! The game features different types of customers with different preferences and patience limits. By setting our priorities and managing the stock well, the game rewards us with greater income allowing the purchase of some cool upgrades such as surveillance cameras, chewing gum dispensers, TVs, and better groceries, each with their own benefits. Unfortunately, these are not retained as we switch stores on progress in the game (the game allows play in 5 different stores).

The graphics are average but the sound does not disappoint, since the SFX is well detailed and background music is decent.

The game is really entertaining and the gameplay is pretty simple. involving only your mouse and your wits. Thumbs up to the guys at Youdagames for such a cool game, I'm buying it people!


A great and entertaining game promising hours of supermarket action!