PaintBuster Review

PaintBuster - busts all you pictures

Submitted by ChadVader on Sat, 2009-12-19 18:14.
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The lowest price: 35$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Small size (~20MB), cheaper than most photo editing programs
To few features for 35$, eats RAM Memory

I’ve studied PaintBuster for like 30 minutes and I’ve tried to find a reason why shouldn’t I uninstall this program right away, and I didn’t find one.

I don’t think a professional, a guy with self-respect and who can handle photos within seconds, would ever use PaintBuster. They all use Photoshop, Photoscape etc. because these are the real programs for handling photos you need. PaintBuster is useless, because if you want to add a line, a simple color or to change the width/weigh of a picture, you go to Paint.

Well, now some would say that PaintBuster has also some other features (like resizeing). Sure, it’s true, but PaintBuster chews a lot of RAM & Virtual Memory, so if you want just to resize something, there are other simpler programs to do that (I’m not going to do publicity now).

Someone asked me if I would use PaintBuster again, and I said yes, but only if someone puts a gun toward my head and yells at my ear: “I WANT 2 BLUE LINES HERE, AND I WANT THEM WITH PAINTBUSTER! DO IT! DO IT NOW!”


Use this program only if you don't have another choice. But, if you want to know my recomandation, better use Window's Paint