Pretty Good Solitaire Review

If you have nothing better to do ...

Submitted by ChadVader on Sun, 2009-12-20 18:25.
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The lowest price: 20.4$
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Cheap, small install size, variety of games, good graphics, ample tutorials for each game

First of all, when I saw that there are 600 card games included in this package I couldn't believe it. I knew just 5-6 card games. Now, if I have time to read the full help index, I could play 600 games with my friends when we get together.

Secondly, what came to my eyes was the Play a quest. This is really good and interesting, because when you finish playing all the 600 games, instead of uninstalling the game, you "play a quest".

Another thing that I enjoyed in this game was the background images. They had nothing to do with the game, that's true, but you had the option to put whatever image to you want, and you don't see that very often in computer card games.

Finally, I was a little impressed by the price. Only 20$ for 600 games is a real cheap. You always see card games producers putting huge prices for their games, so this is a big thing that Goodsol Developers have put just 20$ for this package.


My recommendation for card game lovers is to purchase this package, it has all you need for your hobby, and then surprise your friends with 600 card games